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Roy Mayer is the founder and owner of the “Simodan” Group.

The Simodan Group was founded in 1990 and is active in two main areas:

  1. Managment of the MCM Hedge Fund.

  2. Investment advisor to "Ayalon Mutual Funds Ltd." regarding the investment portfolios of the following Funds:

a. Ayalon Simodan (2E) (!) Bonds Investments.

b. Ayalon Simodan (5E) Commodities without stocks.

In the past Simodan was active in two more fields:

  1. Management of securities portfolios (1990–2009). Its clients consisted of institutions, public and private corporations, nonprofit organizations as well as private clients.

  2. Underwriting of capital market issues.

Roy Mayer, B.A Economics, former CEO of fix income division at Leumi PIA Mutual Fund Management Ltd.

prior to that, Roy was executive representative of the Union Bank of Israel on the TASE (from 1982 onwards).

Roy is a fourth generation investor/ broker.

Roy is the Chairman of the Hedge Fund Managers Association in Israel.

Roy Mayer
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